Stop Consuming Poison in Daily Life!

We All Know Prevention is better than Cure. Do We Really Understand the meaning of this Line?
If Yes, How? How we are consuming Poison in Daily Life?

How we Start Consume A Product in Daily Life. May Be Via Mouth of Spoken words, Ads on Television, and Other Promotional Methods. They All are Marketing Strategies. Marketing Strategies are the methods Used to promote something throughout the world. May be the product a Poison. In Our Daily Life, We Dont Know In how many forms of food or drinks, we are consuming Poison in Daily Life. We are Going too Reveal All Preventions to prevent yourself from Consuming Poison and Health Related Problems. Just Stay Connected With Us!

  1. Do You like to drink Poison? Obiviously Not? Then Why You drink Coca Cola? If You daily drink Coca Cola .. Then STOP IT NOW!! because It is A Very Effective Poison. Lets Get to Know How Coca Cola, Pepsi, Maaza & These Drinks are Alocholic and How they Deplet You Gradually!