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Swimming, Swimming for kids, kids swimming, swimming picturesWhat is Swimming?

Swimming is a Jubilant Aquatic Activity which promotes natural health, fitness, body’s growth as well as gives better cure of several crucial diseases. This Aquatic Sports Activity is proved as a Best Workout which not only provides a good mental health but increases immunity, enhance flexibility of muscles and joints, dispense stretching and rhythmic breathing which upsurge overall body strength. It is essential for every one in every age. SwimHealth is the Result of Great Natural Health with swimming.

Benefits of Swimming

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Swimming has multifarious benefits which can be seized by doing it in a regular way. This Activity can be performed by anyone at any age thereby reducing the 650 calories at a time which is more than any other sports activity such as Running and walking. This is all about my practical experience here, I will only share my experience with you. You should swim with the proper way because negative way of doing it can give you harm adversely. Swimming for kids is necessary from the early ages. The core benefits of Swimming are as the following :

  1. Meliorates the Joints and Muscle Strength – When you are in water, its great time to work on your joints and muscles. As less pressure being applied to your body, you will experience more pleasure as well as enhance your core strength too.
  2. Boosts Malleability and Stretchability – As you swim, you move your whole body your mouth, hands, feets, as well as your limbs strengthen which enhances flexibility, malleability and stretchability in your body. These motions help your ligaments stay loose and malleable. It improves your posture and increase your height.
  3. Beneficial for Heart – By Inhaling and Exhaling, our blood flow more efficiently in our heart and the whole body which results in more pumping of heart. Thus, Smaller amount of regular exercise in the pool can show you manifold giant differences.
  4. Reducing Weight by Burning Calories – When your perform this activity in the pool, Rapid movements of your whole body would lead you to burn 100 calories every ten minutes. Burning of calories would not only rem0ve your extra fat conserved in your body parts but give your body a proper shape by enhancing your overall personality. It is a very effective fat burning exercise.
  5. Cure of Asthma – Asthma is a chronic disease which caused by environmental factors which effects our respiratory system. The problems of Asthma and diabetes can be totally cured by doing exercising in the pool because when we inhale and exhale rapidly in the pool your lungs pumps and asks for more oxygen to inhale. The people suffering from Asthma can perform exercise in the pool to get rid of Asthma.
  6. Improve Cholesterol – Swimming is a tremendous aerobic activity which helps in achieving and maintaining proper balance of cholesterol. Studies proved that every increase in 1 % of cholesterol reduces the risk of heart diseases by 3 %.
  7. Beneficial in Emergency – In case of emergency, you can manage if you know swimming. You can swim and get out of water or save any drowning person in the water. This Activity has Huge Benefits I would recommend you to learn it from now if you don’t know it. Do You Really Need Some Health Secrets?


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So As you perform swimming games, you will experience more and more benefits to your health automatically with no medicine or supplements. Perform pool activies on a regular basis will give you a great personality. Great personality doesn’t mean only physical appearance but also inner strength. If your inner will be strong and disease free then your physical appearance will automatically turn into a great personality. Stomach problems, asthma diseases, heart problems, high blood pressures, muscle problems and several other disease can easily be cured by doing this aquality sports on a regular basis. So learn swimming today, stay health, stay safe and give style to your life.

How to Swim?

Learning Swimming is very easy and simple. First of All, Forget about Some thoughts that “Oh! i cannot swim!”, “This is such a deep water i feared!”, “I have fear of water i cannot swim” etc. I will give you some Swimming Tips and tips for natural health by which you will be able to grasp this sport in a more better way and natural treatments of diseases. I will show you exactly how to Swim? You completely forget about these thoughts before learn swim. Remember that Enjoy and Pleasure in Water is ever more than in any other sports activity and give you more benefits than any other sports activity. The Fear is only in your mind. If you can control mind, your fear then my bet you can achieve any achievement. Learning this aquatic activity is quite simple i am sharing some basics on which you have to work on to become a perfect swimmer.

  1. Safety – First of all, ask your instructor that what are the safety measures that you have to take before start swimming workouts. There are some necessary equipments that you have to take with you such as red cap, ear guard, costume.

  2. Breathing Techniques – Proper breathing technique is necessary for swim workout because when you swim in water then you have to accurately inhale in and exhale from water. If you will not exhale and inhale properly then you will get tire easily and loose your control in water. So Remember breathing is most important for swim workout.
  3. Warm up/ Warm down Routines – If you are beginner then make a routine of warm up and warm down daily before starting 20 minutes. Swimming for kids can easily be possible if warm up and warm down followed in routines.
  4. Hands and Legs Movements – According to my practical experience, I would suggest you to make command on legs movement first because if you make command on legs movement then you will easily grasp command on hands movements. Put your hands straight and workout on legs. This will help you to learn properly swim as I learnt swimming in 7 days because i gave proper dedication to swimming.
  5. Learn Swimming Styles – After learning hands and legs movements, learn some styles that how actually this activity is done. Some styles are free style, back stroke, breast stroke etc. We will discuss these Swimming techniques later.
  6. Remove Negative Thoughts – Forget about negative thoughts and ask each and every thing from your instructor again and again till you have not understand actually the concept. After keeping these instructions in mind we will see what swimming strokes are there in swimming?

swimming for kids, swimming kids, kids swim, swimming picturesEach Swim Workout includes :

  1. A Warm Up
  2. Workout Body
  3. Slim Down
  4. Stretch

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Swimming Techniques, Swimming Strokes and Swim Workouts

Some of the most common Swimming Strokes or techniques include free style/front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly. Lets know about these techniques step by step.

  1. Free Style/Front Crawl – Left your body loose in Water and start from shallow, keep your finger closed and when working on stroke your hands should enter your palm or hands flat on just below the water’s surface. Make Sure your palms are not pointing outwards. Your palms should move towards forward direction up to your side, and over your head at a time with the proper movement of legs. Legs movement is essential for floating. Your heads need to be at Correct straight level because upward head or download head can give you effect adversely. This is helpful in height increase among teenagers.
  2. Breast Stroke – The Concentration is the key of Breast Stroke. In Breast Stroke technique your legs will push you forward and move towards a glide position with your head down. Your arms give you power when you take breadth and prepare you for the next kick.It helps you to widen your chest.It is better for who want widen chest and perform body building on a regular basis. In breath stroke you perform in sweep and out sweep movements.
  3. Back Stroke – When you float opposite side of water with arms and legs together on your side is known as back stroke. Bending at the waists and raising heads are some mistakes which you have to take care of.
  4. Side Stroke – The side stroke uses a scissor kick which are first tucked behind the body. Power is generated by the legs and hands will be straight to the forward direction. The upper arm pushes the water from chest and move forward by the power generated by the legs. This is most enjoyable swimming stroke.
  5. Butterfly Stroke – Butterfly stroke is a swimming stroke swum by moving hands, legs and both arms simultaneously as like butterfly kick or dolphin kick. This is Advanced stroke you can try this stroke after when you learnt front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke.
  6. Cycling – You should learn cycling to float in between of water. It is very useful when we tired of movements and it provides a unique pleasure.

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Swimming Drills

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Drills are exercises to improve your swimming.They are :

  1. Free Style Drills : In Free Style Drills Catch Up and Fingertip Drag is used. Catch Up means isolate one arm and practise for a long stroke and body position. You can use swimming accessories such as kick board and as your arms trade places they hand off the board to each other. Fingertip Drag is mainly used to make attentive your position of hands and elbow recovery.
  2. Breathstroke Drills : These Drills contains the Rapid movements of your hands and legs towards a particular direction. In Breathstroke Drills Insweep, Outsweep, Legs Movements and Recovery are used. Two types of Breathstroke drills are Two Count Glide Drill and Two-kick/One Pull Drill.
  3. Back Stroke Drills : In backstroke drills, your body is flat and horizontal and your ears are slightly below the water. Your arms should be straight and hands should be turned with palm facing outwards and legs should be straight and stretched. Your Arm should sweep through the water in the form of semi-circle with pulling with force to the outside of thighs. Two types of Backstroke drills are Single Arm Drill and Rhythm Drill. Swimming Drills, Swim Drills, Swimming pictures
  4. Butterfly Drills : Butterfly Drills contains Single Arm Fly Drills, Thumb-Tip Drills, Super-Dolphin. Single Arm fly drill has been traditionally been performed with one arm straight and one arm stroking. Focus on the timing of kicking your hands into the water would improve you to perform this Drill. In Thumb-Tip Drills, you have to bend your elbow and keep it high. Make your palm facing behind your feet and stick the thumb down and draft along the surface of water. In Super-Dolphin Drill, At the time of recovery derive your upper body upwards and reach straight towards the sky with your hands in upward direction.


Swimming Accessories
To be able to learn Swimming successfully you should have to use accessories. It is Essential to know about Swimming Tips or Precautions. These are the essential things which you need to wear while swimming. Swimming Accessories are the following :

  1. Swimming Costume – These are the customized designed costumes specially for swimmers. Men can choose shorts or jammers whereas woman can choose full swimsuits or leg suit whatever you like to wear. Comfortable wearing is necessary to swim on water.
  2. Towel – Remember to take towel with you because sometime it’s ackward situation if you come out only by the reason that you have left towel at home.

  3. Swim Cap – If you are beginner then remember to wear Red Cap because Instructor will easy to know that this person is beginner so he will give more attention to you while swimming. Chlorine has harmful and chronic effects which has many harmful effects so to keep your hair protected from saturation.
  4. Goggles – Chlorine water is harmful for eyes as it can cause eye infection or water debris. Your eye sight is utmost important so always remember to wear goggles before entering mouth into water.
  5. Nose clips – To prevent water to getting up in your nose you can use Nose Clips.
  6. Ear Plugs – To prevent ear infection or water entering into your ears, you can use Ear Plugs.

A Good Health is A Basic Necessity for Everyone. A Famous Quote is “Health is Wealth” by keeping this quote in mind we think that Why People today are far from Natural Health? and Why Every Cure is Only Medicine? Why you cannot give yourself A Great Health Without Medicine? We will introduce A Revolution to Good Health Without Medicines.Be Happy! Be Ambitious! And Stay Careful for Your Health.

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