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    Today there are multifarious examples of bad health are instead of Us. People are dying every day of cancer,heart diseases, chronic disorders and so on. So we want to find a reason that why people cannot cure themselves without medicine? Why every cure is only medicine?  Is there any way of Good health without medicine? I am gonna reveal some health secrets which will blow your mind totally.health tips, health secrets, natural health, balanced diet, healthy food guide
    While discussing about these questions i want to aware you that there are thousands of ways by which you can give yourself a Good Natural Health and you can cure yourself without medicines. Medicines decrease your stamina and resistance power of body gradually. On the early times, there were no medicines, however people just tear some leaves and rub theme mix with water and eat those leaves and became absolutely fine as they were before. I will show you a healthy food guide. I believe that if you people follow some daily routine and some careful steps which you do not remember while committing small mistakes which results a massive change or massive harmful effects then you can cure yourself without medicines. I am sure if you believe on my health tips then you will be healthy without the use of any medicines or supplements. I am going to state some general common natural steps which will help you to prevent all diseases and give you a great inner health as well as outer health. They are following :
    Natural Health Tips and A Healthy Food Guide

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    1. Make A Habit of  having an Apple Daily. One Morning and One At night. Apples are rich in Vitamin C and Fibres which help you to not only avoid the risk of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, but also protect you from all the diseases in future. My health tips will surely give you benefits in a few months.

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    2. When you drink Milk Put 1/3 rd Spoon of Turmeric in it. Turmeric Milk act as a anti-oxidant prevents Indigestion and diarrhea and helps in keeping a good skin. If you will drink turmeric milk then it will boost up your health. It acts as a anti-biotic, anti-septic as well as anti-arthritic actually  which heals gas problems, aids fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol. Milk is rich in calcium consume milk generally two times a day.


    health tips, health secrets, health without medicine, natural health

    3. When You Have Dinner Remember that don’t drink water before 1 hour because when we eat meal, then it digests slowly and if we drink water at that time then it cause constipation, indigestion which is a great factor for gas formation. By gas formation, our whole body get in trouble. A healthy food guide is necessary because this is a great health tip which give you benefit from only you general routine. After Having Dinner Please Remember to sit in the pose of VajraAsana for 10 minutes because this will helpful in digesting the food in the body.

    health tips, health secrets, health without medicine, natural health

    4. Reduce Fast Foods such as Pizza,Burgers, Noodles etc. Consume Dosa,Idli,Vada, Vegetables, Fruits instead of Fast Foods. Fast Foods are  very harmful for our health so reduce the consumption of fast foods. Mostly fast foods contains made of only refined flour and excessive use of refined flour give adverse effects to your health. A Good Natural health is gained only by consuming more and more green vegetables, vegetables and fruits. So start it today! and see benefit in 3 months.

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    5. Daily Routine of exercise is mandatory. Give one hour of a day to yourself by doing exercises such as Running, Swimming, Cricket, Badminton etc so on. This will help you to accelerate your body by giving a flexible body and a better mental and physical health. This is a Massive Health tip.

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    6. As you know,  Regular physical exercise is very useful to prevent hypertension, high blood pressure, and other daily routine problems. A person who follows yogic lifestyle keeps all the systems in the body in perfect working condition and keep himself free from all types of physical and mental diseases. A Wise Saying is : For All Those Afflicted with worldly ills, yog is the only alchemy. Start Yoga today and you will see benefits in free months only. Start it and experience new lifestyle.

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    7. As you will heard many times Prevention is Better than Cure. If prevention is better than cure than why you people doesn’t follow it. Regular Medical checkup is necessary for today’s lifestyle. Sugar Levels, Electro cardiogram (ECG), hemoglobin, blood pressure etc are to be checked every month. To prevent a disease that will happen in future can only be cured by regular medical checkups. Maintain a habit of medical checkup a two month and experience a good natural health.

    dry fruits, natural health, health tips, swim health 8. Eat Dry Fruits with Milk will show you Massive change in building your natural health, stamina, and Mental as well as physical Body Growth. Dry Fruits are loaded with calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamins and Proteins which has massive health benefits. You can apply mixture of almonds and milk on your face to remove dirts and dead cells.

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    Natural Beauty Tips for Face and Good Skin For Man and Women :
    beauty tips, natural health, health secrets, swim health9. Womens are scared about their beauty and personality. So how to keep skin healthy? Reduce the excessive use of makeup materials, chemical soaps, and other chemical products they will give you only adverse effects. Chemical only damages the skin cells. Instead of using those products, use ayurvedic and organic soaps, natural treatments. If you will try my these beauty tips nobody can stop from getting a healthy natural and naturally white skin. Here are my secret ways :

    1. Apply curd on your face.
    2. Mix Banana pulp with milk and apply it smoothly on your face.
    3. Mix Teaspoon of rose water and honey and apply it to your face.
    4. Boil mashed spinach and take 1 teaspoon of curd and 2 teaspoon of gram flour, Mix both in Boiled mashed spinach. This will rejuvenate your skin and better you a natural healthy white skin.

    These are the beauty tips if you will follow these 1 month then you will experience a massive change in your skin. Try it! Live Healthy!

    Natural Hair Tips for Hair Growth for Women :  
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    10. My this health tip is about Hair Care and Hair Beauty. How to Have A Long Hair? First of all Remove the use of Chemical Shampoos, chemical conditioners and chemical hair washes. Instead of Using these Chemicals use Natural Treatement which i am going to show you.

    1. Take Curd in a bowl, Rub it on your hairs slowly and wisely under the roots. Wait for 15 minutes and after that wash your hair. You will experience a new freshness and your hair will become naturally healthy if repeated two or three times a week.

    2.  Oil Your Hair Atleast Three Times A Week. Use Mustard, Coconut, Almond and Olive Oil. Oil will give the potion in your roots which will increase and tall your hairs.

    3. Always Use Cold Or Normal Water for hairs because hairs are so sensitive.

    4. Be Gentle and Wise while Washing your hairs.

    11. Drink Atleast 2 to 4 litre Water per day. It helps in Digestion, Constipation, Headaches, Migraines, Weight Loss, and so on. Make this a habit you will see change in few months.

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